Sinks, sinks everywhere!

The office I work in has two bathrooms, one with six sinks and one with three. Then there are also two kitchen areas, for people to heat up their lunches and get coffee, etc. Each kitchen has one sink. You would think that since there are over 100 employees and only TWO sinks for dishes, people would reserve hand washing for one of the NUMEROUS bathroom sinks.

This is not the case. Without fail, when I go to one of the kitchens to rinse my dishes from lunch, there’s some asshole washing their hands at the sink or waiting after me to wash their hands in the sink. And I don’t mean they have dishes to clean and THEN wash their hands, because that’s fine. Nope. these people just really need to wash their hands right that second, in the kitchen sink, when people need to use the sink for legitimate kitchen purposes.

Did I mention there are NINE BATHROOM SINKS? Come on, people. I guarantee one of those sinks is ALWAYS FREE.

Today, for instance, I walk into the smaller of the two kitchens and there’s a guy at the sink, so I wait for him to finish. While I’m standing there, a girl comes in and gets in line behind me. I notice she has no dishes, so I know she’s one of those people who needs clean hands right now and is too lazy to walk her ass to the nearest bathroom. By the time the guy in front of me finishes washing his two dishes, I’ve been waiting like five minutes (that’s a whole other rant). Then it takes me a minute or two to rinse mine. This girl is still waiting.

NINE BATHROOM SINKS EXIST. She could have walked to the bathroom and washed her hands in less time than she spent standing there waiting for that dude and me to use the kitchen sink for legitimate purposes. Not to mention that our office has hand sanitizer dispensers at almost every corner. One is right outside the kitchen in question, in fact. So what the hell was the point of waiting ten minutes to wash your hands, girl? Can you answer me that? I bet you can’t. If you needed a break from your desk, you should have gone outside. That’s what I do when I want a break. Because washing your hands is just about the lamest excuse to get away from your desk for ten minutes that I can think of.

Luckily I wasn’t stuck behind her, because nothing makes me more twitchy than having to wait for someone to finish washing their hands in the kitchen sink. But seriously, in an office with so many bathroom sinks, what compels people to use the kitchen sink as a bathroom sink? I don’t care what you do with the sinks in your house/apartment. You can use the kitchen sink to crap in for all I care. But in the office, let’s apply a little common sense:

2 kitchen sinks + 100 employees = kitchen sinks are for dishes.

The office is not so big that walking to the bathroom instead of the kitchen is a huge inconvenience. I can see the convenience if no one else is using the sink or waiting to use the sink in the kitchen. But they’re in high demand, so everyone is just better off using the bathroom sink for hand washing and other bathroom activities (like brushing your teeth, which thank God I have not seen anyone do in the office kitchen sinks) and leaving the kitchen for dishes. Please. I’d like to be able to direct my rage to more deserving targets.


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