The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pts. 15–18

Alas, I have been remiss in relaying my encounters with Wednesday. I must admit it’s partly because she has been laying low during the usual attack times and then relentlessly attacking just as I have thought her to be gone. As you can guess from my infrequent posting, life has been kicking my ass, and I have no doubts that it is Wednesday’s doing.

She has downed servers, attacked families and probably ravaged villages to get to me. Sometimes, I have been able to meet her head on and overpower her despite the odds; other times, I have been crushed by her determination.

But as all epic battles do, this one still rages on. I must keep my guard up always as Wednesday has become a master of disguises and will stop at nothing to bring me down.

However, I have a few tricks left as well, so she had better be prepared for retaliation. In our last few battles she has been victorious, but even just this week I have dominated again. And now that I remember the feeling of triumph, I do not plan to let it go easily.

The Anger Ball: 7
Wednesday: 7.5


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