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I’m sure if you keep doing that you’ll get what you want

My cats and I are in an epic battle. All they want to do is eat all the food, and all I want is for them not to die of obesity.

One of my cats is a serious glutton. I don’t know what his problem is, but unlike most cats, who will graze all day if you leave food out, my one cat will eat it all IMMEDIATELY as if he hasn’t eaten in DAYS and he may never eat AGAIN. So about a year ago when we took him to the vet, we were warned that he was just over his target weight with the potential to be obese if we just kept letting him eat.

So this means that now we only feed the cats at set times during the day. Once in the morning, once before I pick Significant Other up from the train (around 5) and once before we go to bed. We’ve been doing this schedule for nearly a year now, with some variations here and there for numerous reasons. The other two cats seem to get it and know when food time is coming and will follow me around only close to those times. Glutton Cat still hasn’t caught on.

Since we moved into our new place and I started working from home most the time, between 3 and 5 pm Glutton Cat just sits and stares at me. And if I move—I don’t just mean getting up and heading in the general direction of the kitchen, I mean even if I so much as twitch or breathe heavily—he fucking meows at me. And not just one meow. A whole string of them. Just in case I didn’t hear the first five, he adds five more. And just in case I didn’t hear him the last time I breathed, he meows again. And just in case I didn’t notice him, he’ll jump on my (small) desk. And stare. And meow.

Breaking news: I feed you at the same fucking time EVERY DAY. It’s been a YEAR NOW. Please catch on ANY TIME YOU LIKE and LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE.

Because at 3pm, I am still working. And there are TWO HOURS TO GO before you’re getting food, Glutton Cat. I mean, the other two cats seem marginally more intelligent, but the more Glutton Cat freaks out about food, the more they start to think maybe it IS food time and they should freak out, too. Soon I’m sitting in my office trying to do work and I have a chorus of cats sitting around me expecting food when it’s 3:30 and there’s still 90 minutes before they get to eat.

I think in his tiny dysfunctional brain, he must think that I feed him every day after he meows for two hours BECAUSE of his meowing and general creeper attitude of staring at me from any location in my office. Like he’s finally worn me down, EVERY DAY AT THE SAME TIME, with his persistence.

It’s actually fucking unbelievable how this happens like CLOCKWORK, yet he hasn’t caught on to the ACTUAL CLOCKWORK OF THE FACT THAT HE EATS AT THE SAME TIME EVERY FUCKING DAY. He fucking knows when it’s time for him to meow, like he can read the digital clock on my computer and see that it’s 3pm, so it’s time for fucking constant meows, but he can’t cotton on to the fact that he eats at 5pm NO MATTER WHAT.

Frankly, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t give him his food until he STOPPED meowing. Because then maybe there would be a tiny fucking light bulb in his tiny fucking brain that would go off, and he would realize that THE MEOWING, IT DOES NOTHING.

But then I’d feel like I was inadvertently punishing the other, non-stupid cats. In school, I always hated being punished when the dumb kids did something wrong, because I was a smart kid. So I don’t want to do that, even if it’s just to my cats. So I just make sure I feed them at the same time every day, and at night I pray that someday Glutton Cat will fucking get a clue.

You all might think I’m being a little harsh, calling him a glutton, but there’s another reason for it: aside from him thinking ALL THE TIME IS FOOD TIME and OMG I HAVEN’T EATEN IN DAYS, he also takes it upon himself to eat the other cats’ food. I give them all the same fucking amount, and Glutton Cat will scarf his down in 20 seconds, and then see that the other two STILL HAVE FOOD, SO CLEARLY I HAVE GIVEN THEM MORE! WHY?! WHY IS LIFE SO HARD?! and then he goes over and tries to nose into their dish and wolf down their food, too. I literally have to stand in the kitchen and monitor them while they eat to make sure Glutton Cat doesn’t eat all the food before the other cats can finish. I mean, it’d be one thing if he went to their bowls once they had walked away, but he PUSHES THEM AWAY AND TAKES THEIR FOOD. So I can’t just put their food down and fucking go back to work (because lately I am ALWAYS WORKING); I have to stand there for 15 minutes and chase Glutton Cat away from the other bowls.

He’s so convinced that he’s being starved to death, sometimes he doesn’t even finish the food in his own bowl before he tries to steal food from the other cats. If that isn’t gluttony, I don’t know what is. Maybe if he didn’t inhale his food, he would realize that HE ACTUALLY HAS A PRETTY FUCKING SWEET DEAL. He gets to sleep all day (until 3pm), then he gets to fucking stuff his face with food, and then he gets to GO BACK TO SLEEP. I wish I could do that. So stop being an asshole, Glutton Cat. YOUR LIFE IS NOT THAT HARD.

Frankly, I don’t feel like this is asking too much of a cat. Look, I know they have teeny little brains and are mostly just cute, but all I ask is that Glutton Cat take a fucking break from harassing me from 3 to 5 every fucking day. I already deal with enough whining idiots in my job; I don’t need one sitting in my office with me complaining directly in my ear for two hours EVERY DAY.


People aren’t the only idiots on the planet

Lucky for us.

I decided to take a little break from the human bashing, since I assume most of my readers are human, to point out that animals can be pretty idiotic too. And any form of idiocy gives me conniptions. Sure, I might be kind of misanthropic, for reasons I think are abundantly obvious, but I don’t give animals a break either. I go a little easier on them, mostly because of their incapacity for higher thought, but sometimes they incur my rage too.

Like my cats, for example.

I have two cats, and right now we have a third that we’re taking care of for a friend while her living situation gets sorted out. So we have three cats right now. Oh, the shenanigans these assholes get up to. But I’m going to talk about one particular shenanigan today.

Every weekday, I get up at 5:45 AM to drive Significant Other to the train station. Then I come home and get ready to work. The litter box is in my office (I don’t know WHY I decided this would be a good fucking idea), so usually I clean it in the morning so it’s not stinking up my office space for the rest of the day.

So earlier this week I come home from the train station, come into the office to start my computer, and see that one of the cats has taken a huge dump right next to the litter box. Literally not a foot away from where the actual litter box is (and it’s been in the same place since we moved in, so it’s not like I moved it to fuck with them or anything). What the fuck, cats?

I have no idea which cat did this, but boy was I fucking pissed. At 7 AM, the last thing I want to be doing is cleaning shit up off the carpet. And the litter box wasn’t a disaster, so I can’t figure out what compelled one of my cats to do their business on the floor instead of in the litter box. Did they have to go so bad that they couldn’t walk the additional six inches to their fucking box? Was one of the other cats taking too long in the litter box? Or did one of their tiny little brains just malfunction? It’s additionally baffling because one of the perks of cats is that you really don’t usually have to litter box train them. They just know that’s where they’re supposed to go. And none of these cats qualify as tiny kittens anymore, so I can’t write it off as inexperience or something. The youngest of them is at least over a year old, probably two, and the oldest is three. I KNOW YOU FUCKERS KNOW HOW TO USE THE LITTER BOX. I SEE YOU DO IT MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.

If I’m going to be cleaning up their shit every day anyway, the least they could do is keep it in the designated area. Seeing as I also provide them with food (one of my cats is definitely too stupid to be able to fend for himself) and shelter, and they basically have the run of the place, ALL I WANT IS FOR THEM TO STOP SHITTING ON THE CARPET.

I can’t decide if it’s admirable that it was so close to the litter box, like they almost made it, or if it’s more infuriating because they were too fucking lazy to cover that extra six inches. Right now I’m leaning toward the latter, though.

One of the reasons it’s more enraging when an animal does something stupid is because there is no form of retribution. It’s not like with a human, where you can point something out to them directly, either politely or not, or do something passive-aggressive to get revenge. With animals, you just have to let it go (and in case you didn’t notice, I’m not in the habit of doing that). In most cases the animal is too dumb to remember, and even if they remembered, you can’t do anything in retaliation unless it’s immediate. My cats are terrified of the sound of canned air, for example. But since by the time I got home, the shit had already happened—literally—and there was no culprit in sight, chasing the cats around with canned air would have accomplished nothing. They might have been terrified, but they wouldn’t have known why, and that would be worthless, although amusing.

So I was stuck scrubbing the carpet, and then emptying and rinsing their whole litter box, just in case it was offending their delicate sense of smell or something, and muttering curse words under my breath the whole time. Not satisfying at all. Especially not at 7 AM.

I guess pets of any kind are just lucky that we crave their companionship, because otherwise when something like this happened, there’d really be no reason not to just send them out the door. Then they could shit wherever they wanted!

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