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The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pt. 19

You win, Wednesday. You fucking win.

The Anger Ball: 7
Wednesday: 8.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pts. 15–18

Alas, I have been remiss in relaying my encounters with Wednesday. I must admit it’s partly because she has been laying low during the usual attack times and then relentlessly attacking just as I have thought her to be gone. As you can guess from my infrequent posting, life has been kicking my ass, and I have no doubts that it is Wednesday’s doing.

She has downed servers, attacked families and probably ravaged villages to get to me. Sometimes, I have been able to meet her head on and overpower her despite the odds; other times, I have been crushed by her determination.

But as all epic battles do, this one still rages on. I must keep my guard up always as Wednesday has become a master of disguises and will stop at nothing to bring me down.

However, I have a few tricks left as well, so she had better be prepared for retaliation. In our last few battles she has been victorious, but even just this week I have dominated again. And now that I remember the feeling of triumph, I do not plan to let it go easily.

The Anger Ball: 7
Wednesday: 7.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pt. 14

Never one to be deterred by defeat, I rallied this week, determined to at least put up a fight, to let Wednesday know our feud is not over.

And Wednesday, fool that she is, let herself be lulled into complacency because of her last two crushing victories.

Or perhaps she let me have this week in an attempt to get me to let my guard down. Either way, I won this round, and I will not be outsmarted.

There are also potentially good things on the horizon, which I will keep secret to keep Wednesday from becoming aware. The ability for a sneak attack could be useful in the future, and I have seen just how brutal Wednesday is willing to get in order to defeat me. So I have to be prepared, and keep my future plans under tight wraps.

Let’s just say this week was a victory, and I envision more victories in the future.

The Anger Ball: 6
Wednesday: 4.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pts. 12 & 13

I know I’ve been slacking on the blog lately, and those keen observers might have guessed why: Wednesday.

She’s a vicious opponent, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I thought I had gained the upper hand in our epic battle, but last week proved me wrong. She ground me into the dirt, friends, until I was barely a speck upon the planet. But she had help. I’ve been used to her dragging Tuesday into our mess on a regular basis. But this time, she dragged all six of her friends into it. Yes, even my beloved Saturday and Sunday were on her side; I can only assume she blackmailed them to gain their participation.

I was far outnumbered, and though I fought valiantly, I was defeated. I vowed that this week would be different; I was sure Saturday and Sunday wouldn’t cross me again. I was wrong.

Now, it’s true that this time around, she so far has not seemed to have gained the help of Thursday, although I am at the ready for a sudden strike late in the game. Wednesday’s reach is greater than I thought; I don’t know how she manipulates the others, but she does it and I must be ready for it.

Although she defeated me two weeks in a row, so badly that I hadn’t the energy to relay the story to you until now, I am not finished with her. Each battle reveals more about her workings, more ways to defeat her. And so, while I may be tired, I will continue on. I will create more cunning plans. I will make her pay.

The Anger Ball: 5
Wednesday: 4.5

In which I suck at keeping a blog

For those that don’t follow my twitter, I took a hiatus last week. Real life is being an asshole right now, so the last thing on my mind is raging on the Internet. But don’t worry, I’m keeping a list of all the things I want to rant about once I have some time to breathe again. FEAR NOT, THE ANGER BALL WILL RETURN.

In fact, I planned to return today, and then got sidetracked by various real-life things. Hopefully tomorrow I will RETURN FOR REAL.

It’s better this way. Now you have time to prepare yourself. You’re welcome.

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pt. 11

Today Wednesday showed her true colors. For years now, this feud has gone on between us, and while she has often resorted to low tricks, such as getting her friends involved, I have held fast to my ideals and have fought the battle with only an occasional assist from Significant Other.

But today Wednesday showed how evil she truly is, and I was appalled.

I have to admit that at first, I thought this was going to be another clear victory for me. Tuesday once again decided to take my side, and thus my success seemed guaranteed. But then something funny happened. Wednesday turned her attention from me and went after Significant Other. I assume this is in retaliation for her cupcake assist last week, but let it be said now: Wednesday, Significant Other is OFF LIMITS. If you do this again, you will bring about my wrath so swiftly you’ll be wiped from time and space. This is not a threat; it is a fact.

Despite my best efforts to help Significant Other, Wednesday outmaneuvered us. And even though that is CHEATING and UNDERHANDED, I have to admit that she won. BUT I’m only giving her half a point because the feud is between her and me, and Significant Other should not be dragged into it. HANDS OFF, WEDNESDAY. Or your family is next.

The Anger Ball: 5
Wednesday: 2.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pt. 10

I have vanquished Wednesday once again! But a good warrior always admits when help was had, and oh, did I ever have help this week. First, Tuesday, turncoat that he is, was on my side this week (although I know better than to expect this every week). Monday, who tends to remain a neutral party, also decided to join the side of good instead of evil.

This should have been sufficient, but Wednesday had a trick up her sleeve this week: she manipulated time. This was by far the most excruciatingly slow day I have ever experienced, and just when I was worried I would fail despite the help of Monday and Tuesday, Significant Other entered in the clutch with the most powerful of all assists: a cupcake.

Yes, that’s right. With the help of a cupcake, I was able to conquer Wednesday even as she slowed time to a snail’s pace, trying to wear down my resolve to emerge triumphant. I daresay without SO’s help this week, Wednesday would have managed to scrape a win. But, as always, SO is dependable in a tight spot.

And so, yours truly wins again! But not every week can be sprinkled with cupcakes, and so now I must make preparations for next week’s battle.

The Anger Ball: 5
Wednesday: 2

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