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Time zones: a primer

Dear California,

Not everyone lives in your time zone.

I just wanted to make sure you’re aware of this.

No love,
The Anger Ball

Significant Other and I both deal with people who live in California for our jobs, and both of us are getting pretty fucking fed up with constantly getting things late (I don’t mean as in “late in the evening”, I mean as in “missing deadlines”). Clearly if I live on the East coast, and I decide to start work at 8 a.m. my time, I don’t expect my co-workers on the West coast to be available at that time.


If we’ve been working on the same publication, with the same schedule, for 4 years, I do expect them to know what our deadlines are (both in their time zone and in mine) and that I need things WEDNESDAY MORNING EASTERN TIME. I mean, this shouldn’t be a fucking surprise by now. It’s been the same since we started publishing. If I don’t get things in the morning IN MY TIME ZONE, they don’t get laid out on time, and then our publication doesn’t go out on time. It’s not fucking rocket science.

So someone please explain to me how, if we’ve had the same deadlines in place for 4 years and the same people on both the East and West coasts working on said publication, I’m sitting here right now WITH NOTHING TO DO ON A WEDNESDAY MORNING. Which means I’m going to have to try and somehow create extra time later in the day to compensate. Breaking news: I can’t manipulate time. I can’t create extra hours from the wasted ones that occur when things don’t get to me on time. SO NOW EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE LATE.

But why did this happen? I sign off between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time each night. That’s only 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. on the West coast. WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THAT TIME? Answer: not what they’re supposed to be doing.

The reason this is problematic is because it’s not like, if I sign into my e-mail Wednesday morning at 8 and don’t have the things I need yet from the West coast, I’m going to get them at 9 or 10 my time. If they’re not there when I sign in, I’m probably not getting them until at LEAST noon EAST COAST TIME, if not closer to 1 p.m. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I’m sorry, but it is. That’s 4 HOURS I have to sit around waiting, and waiting, and waiting, because the assholes on the West coast, WHO SHOULD KNOW OUR DEADLINES BY NOW, didn’t want to bother doing what they had to do yesterday in their time zone. So they might come in at 9 a.m. THEIR TIME and think “Oh, there’s still plenty of time to get this stuff sent to The Anger Ball.” BUT THERE ISN’T, BECAUSE IN MY TIME ZONE IT’S ALREADY THE AFTERNOON.

Are time zones really that hard to comprehend? I’ve never found them that challenging. Breaking news: When it’s 2 p.m. where you live, it’s not 2 p.m. EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. You especially need to be aware of this if you’re working with people in OTHER TIME ZONES, so your co-workers do not track you down and cause you bodily harm.

This rant has been brought to you by the Earth rotating both on its axis and around the sun, the letter “T”, and FUCKING COMMON SENSE.


The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pts. 22–25

I think that’s the correct count, anyway, including today. I’ve lost track (whoops).

I had a sneaking suspicion that Tuesday was taking up Wednesday’s gauntlet, because the past few weeks Wednesday has been oddly easygoing whereas Tuesday has been attempting to kick my ass. But today has thrown me for a loop. Wednesday apparently wanted to reclaim her crown as my supreme harasser, as I haven’t had a Wednesday like this in a long while. I don’t know if her and Tuesday are in cahoots or if they have both just decided to do their damnedest to take me out, but it looks like I cannot let my guard down ever. Next thing I know, Thursday will jump in on the dog pile too. I MUST BE PREPARED.

Also, my co-workers seem to be in on this mess, too. I don’t know if it’s the end of the year lethargy or what, but suddenly they all seem to have forgotten how to do their jobs, even the ones who are usually pretty good at sticking to deadlines, and so I’ve been working crazy hours to compensate. And then I’ve been sleeping in all my free time to try and make up all that lost energy.

I CAN NO LONGER STAND ALONE AGAINST ALL THESE FOES. I need allies. But who would stand with me, when my opponents are so great?


The Anger Ball: 10
Wednesday (and Tuesday, and co-workers): 11.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pts. 20 & 21

I know in my last post about Wednesday, it looked as though I was throwing in the towel. But fear not! I was merely lulling Wednesday into a false idea of victory in order to give her a beating similar to the one she gave me that day.

I am pleased to report that two weeks running, I have slain the beast that is Wednesday. She has lost her allies to my cunning maneuvering, and now she must face me alone. And I must say, without her posse, she is not so formidable. I think she let herself get complacent, believing Tuesday or Thursday would always be there to back her up or even fight for her, but she was mistaken. I have no doubt that she’ll rally and strike again, but for now I will enjoy my back-to-back victories.

However, I cannot let myself be tricked into thinking every week will be this easy. I must never forget that Wednesday and I are locked in an epic battle that may never end. Bring it on, Wednesday. Bring it on.

The Anger Ball: 9
Wednesday: 8.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pt. 19

You win, Wednesday. You fucking win.

The Anger Ball: 7
Wednesday: 8.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pts. 15–18

Alas, I have been remiss in relaying my encounters with Wednesday. I must admit it’s partly because she has been laying low during the usual attack times and then relentlessly attacking just as I have thought her to be gone. As you can guess from my infrequent posting, life has been kicking my ass, and I have no doubts that it is Wednesday’s doing.

She has downed servers, attacked families and probably ravaged villages to get to me. Sometimes, I have been able to meet her head on and overpower her despite the odds; other times, I have been crushed by her determination.

But as all epic battles do, this one still rages on. I must keep my guard up always as Wednesday has become a master of disguises and will stop at nothing to bring me down.

However, I have a few tricks left as well, so she had better be prepared for retaliation. In our last few battles she has been victorious, but even just this week I have dominated again. And now that I remember the feeling of triumph, I do not plan to let it go easily.

The Anger Ball: 7
Wednesday: 7.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pt. 14

Never one to be deterred by defeat, I rallied this week, determined to at least put up a fight, to let Wednesday know our feud is not over.

And Wednesday, fool that she is, let herself be lulled into complacency because of her last two crushing victories.

Or perhaps she let me have this week in an attempt to get me to let my guard down. Either way, I won this round, and I will not be outsmarted.

There are also potentially good things on the horizon, which I will keep secret to keep Wednesday from becoming aware. The ability for a sneak attack could be useful in the future, and I have seen just how brutal Wednesday is willing to get in order to defeat me. So I have to be prepared, and keep my future plans under tight wraps.

Let’s just say this week was a victory, and I envision more victories in the future.

The Anger Ball: 6
Wednesday: 4.5

The Anger Ball vs. Wednesday: Pts. 12 & 13

I know I’ve been slacking on the blog lately, and those keen observers might have guessed why: Wednesday.

She’s a vicious opponent, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I thought I had gained the upper hand in our epic battle, but last week proved me wrong. She ground me into the dirt, friends, until I was barely a speck upon the planet. But she had help. I’ve been used to her dragging Tuesday into our mess on a regular basis. But this time, she dragged all six of her friends into it. Yes, even my beloved Saturday and Sunday were on her side; I can only assume she blackmailed them to gain their participation.

I was far outnumbered, and though I fought valiantly, I was defeated. I vowed that this week would be different; I was sure Saturday and Sunday wouldn’t cross me again. I was wrong.

Now, it’s true that this time around, she so far has not seemed to have gained the help of Thursday, although I am at the ready for a sudden strike late in the game. Wednesday’s reach is greater than I thought; I don’t know how she manipulates the others, but she does it and I must be ready for it.

Although she defeated me two weeks in a row, so badly that I hadn’t the energy to relay the story to you until now, I am not finished with her. Each battle reveals more about her workings, more ways to defeat her. And so, while I may be tired, I will continue on. I will create more cunning plans. I will make her pay.

The Anger Ball: 5
Wednesday: 4.5

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